About Us

Amrent is a leading car rental company operating primarily in Italy, founded by automotive industry professionals with vast experience in car rentals and a great passion for cars.

Our purpose is to provide reliable new and high performance cars capable of satisfying both the business and tourism needs of clients within the unique region of Tuscany and Italy. Our partnerships with major car dealerships guarantee for all models offered, new and cutting-edge vehicles ranking in safety, fuel consumption and environmental protection. All are top performance vehicles that include a range of city, compact, sedan, station wagon, 7-9 seater, sporty coupes, convertibles, SUVs and luxury prestige super sport cars.

We also offer a range of vintage cars to delight clients who wish to enjoy an old fashioned slow drive experience in the beautiful Tuscan countryside and other areas in Italy for tourism, special events, weddings and ceremonies.

We offer the perfect selection of cars for those who wish to enjoy the beauty of Tuscany and Italy whilst also enjoying the pleasure of driving.

One of our distinct point of differences is the convenience of both delivery and pick-up of your reserved cars to and from your confirmed location.

Short Term Rentals

For tourists in Florence and surrounding areas in Tuscany, Amrent offers premium services with the convenience of both delivery and pick-up of your reserved cars to and from hotels, resorts, company premises or other predetermined locations where customers may arrive from or depart to other cities.

Our cars are delivered directly to you!

Long Term Rentals

Amrent offer long term rentals to expats requiring new vehicles selected based on your specific requirements for the duration of your stay in Italy. If you are a retiree travelling for pleasure or a corporate professional with a family stationed in Italy for a long period of time, perhaps 2-3 years, and you require a reliable quality vehicle, we offer long-term rental packages inclusive of servicing fee’s, insurance, automotive taxes and tyre maintenance. The only extra cost to you is fuel.

All arrangements can be made from abroad and your car will be delivered to you once you have arrived in Italy. At the end of your stay, our team will arrange collection of the car.

Your experience in Italy is our primary focus, we believe in quality service helping you to travel intelligently and responsibly!