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Terms & Conditions


1 Terms and conditions of the rental agreement

This text defines the “Terms and Conditions” of the rental service, which the hirer (hereinafter “Amrent”) will provide to the Client (hereinafter ”Client”) and which will be governed by a contract entered into and signed upon delivery of the car and subject to Italian law, regardless of the Client’s nationality.
In case of interpretation differences between the Italian and the English text, the former prevails.


2 Limits to circulation of the rented car

The Client accepts and acknowledges that the motor vehicle that is the subject-matter of the rental agreement may circulate in Italy only, unless otherwise and expressly agreed by Amrent in writing upon execution of the rental agreement.


3 Booking and Purchasing online

At the end of the booking process, the Client buys a voucher from Amrent, whose value is expressed in Euro, amounting to the fee indicated in the on-line booking system, according to the kind of car booked and the duration of the rental.
Amrent will issue the voucher for the booking of the car rental and will send it to the client by email. The Client will hand the voucher to Amrent’s staff upon collection of the car and will thus be entitled to the car rental services.
The Client shall pay the full amount reported on the voucher at the time of his on-line booking on our Website, by using the PayPall payment system. The corresponding amount shall be charged to the Client’s credit/debit card upon booking. The voucher will be issued only when the full amount is paid. By accepting this agreement, the Client authorizes Amrent to charge the amount of the voucher to his credit/debit card, together with any extra costs according to these Terms and Conditions.
The voucher that is bought by the Client may be produced when collecting the car and will entitle the Client to rent the car chosen thereby, for the time reported in the voucher, together with all other entries indicated at the time of booking and quantified by Amrent in its estimate.
Any optional and further services (e.g. additional driver, additional insurance coverage, extra days on top of those booked) may be bought and paid when collecting the car at Amrent’s offices.
The Client’s booking places an obligation on Amrent to provide the rental services. Failing this, the Client shall be indemnified by Amrent.


4 Changes to booking

The Client may change his on-line booking up to the date and time of commencement of the rental, subject to the availability of motor vehicles, either on this Website or by calling Amrent’s offices at 055 3454072. The voucher that was originally bought by the Client may be used to pay the changed rental services, without any refund if the amount of the new booking is lower than the value of the original voucher. If the amount of the new booking is higher than the value of the voucher, the Client will be charged the corresponding difference at the time of execution of the rental agreement, calculated according to the fees in force.
No refund shall be due if the Client changes his booking and this implies a lower amount than that paid for the original booking.


5 Cancelling the booking

The Client may cancel his on-line booking up to 24 hours prior to collection of the car. If the booking is cancelled, Amrent will charge the Client € 50,00 as indemnity, returning to the Client the amount of the voucher that exceeds the said indemnity.
No refund shall be due if the Client does not use a part of the booked rental period.


6 Transfer from the Airport of Florence to Amrent’s offices

The Client’s transfer to Amrent’s offices upon his arrival at the Airport of Florence is free and does not imply any cost to be borne by the Client. The Client will be taken to Amrent’s offices in an Amrent vehicle that is expressly designed for this service.


7 Hirer’s responsibilities.

These Terms and Conditions do not prejudice the Client’s rights granted by the laws in force on refunds.
Amrent is liable for all losses suffered by the Client deriving from infringement of these Terms and Conditions, provided such losses were foreseeable in the specific case. The losses are foreseeable when envisaged by the Client and Amrent at the time of booking. The hirer will not be liable for indirect damages ensuing as a further consequence of the main loss or damage and that were not foreseeable either by the Client or by Amrent (e.g. loss of earnings or opportunities).
The limits to the hirer’s liability described in this article do not apply to the cases regulated by art. 1229 Italian Civil Code.


8 Insurance cover and reduced liability.

Amrent provides the Client with a motor vehicle covered by an insurance policy which includes:
Car insurance policy for a maximum rate of € 3,000,000.00 with no deductible to be paid by the Client.
In case of accidents negligently caused by the Client, the latter is financially liable for up to € 800.00.
In case of Theft or Fire to the motor vehicle, the Client is financially liable for € 1800.00.
In case of accidents, the damages (of any kind or extent) to the car shall be quantified by the staff at Dekra Automotive Services.
Any repairs to the motor vehicle shall be made by an operator belonging to the official organization of machine-shops/car repairers authorized by Ford Italia S.p.A.
Upon execution of the rental agreement, the Client may buy further insurance coverage that reduces or eliminates his liability in case of accidents and theft/fire.
The above-described reduced liability will not apply if the Client breaches the obligation of article 2, second paragraph, of these Terms and Conditions. The Client may consult the abovementioned insurance contracts at Amrent’s offices.


9 Assistance

Amrent provides the Client with a motor vehicle for which it has executed a contract with Europeassistance, which includes:

  • road assistance all over Italy;
  • provision of a replacement car if the car cannot be used for more than 5 working hours.


10 Requirements for collecting the rented car:


10.1 Driving licence.

  • The original driving licence, with no cancellations or marks that make it difficult to read, is required. b The driving licence must be valid and must expire only after the end of the rental period.
  • Any driving licences without the holder’s photo (such as those issued in Great Britain) or written with atypical characters (Cyrillic, Arab, Japanese etc.) must always be produced together with a valid International Driving Licence.
  • This rule does not apply to driving licences produced together with a translation by the Italian ‘Automobil Club’ or the Consulate and to Driving Licences issued in Greece and with Greek characters, provided they report the European Community wording “Permis de Conduire “.
  • The Driving Licences of non-EU citizens who have been living in Italy for more than one year are no longer valid, while the validity of driving licences of EU nationals is that reported on the licence itself.
  • Foreign Clients must produce an additional identity document other than their driving licence


10.2 Minimum age.

  • In order to enjoy the rental services, the Client must not be under 21. The driver must have had a Driving Licence for at least two years, subject to payment of a daily surplus of Euro 10.00, with a maximum charge of 7 days;
  • Clients who are 25 or over, who have had a valid driving licence for at least 1 year, can rent any car at no extra cost;


10.3 Guarantees.
Upon executing the rental agreement, and prior to collecting the car, Amrent will ask the Client for a Credit Card as guarantee.
The credit card must belong to the holder of the Rental Agreement. Traditional Credit Cards (which are recognizable, inter alia, by the numbers embossed on the card) must be issued by American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Diners. Should two Credit Cards be required, these must belong to 2 different systems (one of the two must not be a Visa/MasterCard) and both must be held by the person who collects the car. Debit cards or rechargeable cards (e.g. Visa Electron, Postpay, Bancomat etc.) are not accepted as Guarantee.
Amrent reserves the right to ask for further guarantees to be defined in specific situations, in special cases and in its own discretion.


Important notice:
The above provisions apply also to the purchase of a pre-paid voucher. The Client must comply with the requirements on the Driving Licence, Minimum Age and Credit Card as Guarantee.


11 Using the Website

Amrent, registered office in Sesto Fiorentino, via Arno, 108, holds and manages this Website.
This Website can be used only in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions and only for legal and suitable purposes, in compliance with any law, regulation or other provision in force in Italy or in any other jurisdiction which this Website can be visited from.

Therefore, the Client undertakes not to:

  • record, transmit or disclose, either through or on this Website, any information which may be dangerous, obscene, defamatory or anyhow illegal;
  • use this Website in such a way as to cause or potentially cause an infringement of any third party’s rights;
  • make any other unauthorized, false or fraudulent booking;
  • use programmes, routings or devices for the purpose of interfering or trying to interfere electronically with the operativeness or functions of this Website including, but not only, by uploading or offering, through any means, archives with corrupt data or viruses;
  • take any action that creates an unreasonably and disproportionately high load on this Website or its infrastructures;

Without prejudice to any further right it may have (by law or otherwise), Amrent reserves the right to:

  • annul a booking that has no references; and/or
  • deny access to this Website;

if Amrent believes (in its own unquestionable discretion) that any Terms and Conditions are being breached.
Amrent reserves the right to change data, services, products and materials on this Website for commercial and/or technical reasons, or to close it, without notice, at any time. It reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time, and such changes shall be effective immediately after posting the new Terms and Conditions on this Website. Therefore, the continuous access to or use of this Website shall be deemed an acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions.
In no case will Amrent take responsibility for direct, indirect, special, punitive, exemplary or consequential damages or losses, due to the access to or use of this Website, including loss of earnings and similar losses, whether or not envisaged by the Parties and whether or not based on contractual breaches (including extracontractual liability and negligence), product liability or otherwise, even when warned of the possibility of such damages.
Nothing contained in these Terms and Conditions excludes or limits Amrent’s liability in case of death or personal injury due to its gross negligence or wilfulness.
Amrent gives no implied guarantee on any information, services and materials of this Website, to the greatest extent permitted by law. Any of the above listed information, services and material is given “as is” and ”as far as available” with no guarantees.
The use of this Website indemnifies and exempts Amrent from any liability, loss, claim and expense (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) for any breach of these Terms and Conditions.
The use of this Website, of any material loaded thereon and the operativeness of these Terms and Conditions shall be construed and governed according to Italian law.


12 Privacy Policy

The privacy and protection of the personal data of our clients and of anyone visiting our Website are an important value to Amrent, to be protected in accordance with the law. Therefore, our Privacy Policy describes the purposes and mode of our data processing and provides the Website visitor, this being the user of the Website or an Amrent client, with clear and exhaustive information in this respect, as required by the law.
By visiting and using this Website, the user declares that he has carefully read Amrent’s Privacy Policy and that he accepts the purposes and mode of processing described herein.
The controller of the data supplied or collected when visiting this Website (as per description of the kind of data reported below), in accordance with Leg. Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 (hereinafter “Privacy Law”), is Amrent, registered office in Via Arno, 108 – 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (Fi). The data are processed at the said Amrent offices.
When visiting this Website, navigation data are collected for the technical navigation modes that are typical of the Web, i.e. information on the visitor, such as his/her IP address, Internet Service Provider (ISP), characteristics of the visit in terms of access to sections, date and duration of the visit, and other data on the user’s operating system and computer environment, though without personally identifying the user: these navigation data will be used only for statistic purposes and to monitor access to the Website.
Except for navigation data, whose collection and processing for the sole purposes mentioned herein, is implied in visiting the Website, any other method of data supply, such as the collection and processing of personal data through the Website, is freely activated upon the user’s application and is designed to satisfy the user’s requests.
The supply of personal data for commercial and advertising purposes is optional and subject to the Client’s prior consent.
In accordance with the Privacy Law, the user is entitled to know specifically of the personal data that are collected and processed by Amrent, to check such data and have them corrected, supplemented, updated and eventually cancelled, without prejudice to the storage obligations laid down by law. To this end, the user may send a registered letter to the attention of “Amrent’s Privacy Manager” to the following address: Amrent, via Arno, 108 – 50019 Sesto Fiorentino, Florence, other than sending an email to: